"You will have the most amazing trip you could ever imagine"

"One of the best days of my entire life"

"This is just like something from National Geographic"

"I cannot believe now close we get to the animals"

"We had the best animal sightings I could have imagined"

"We would not hesitate in recommending one of Keryns' tours to anyone considering a trip to Africa"

If you are thinking about going on an amazing adventure to see the natural beauty of Aftrica, then Keryn Gannon's bespoke tours will not disappoint.

From the first mention of the possibility of going to Africa - to actually arriving in Tanzania, Keryn co-ordinated our tour with professionalism. She asked us what we wanted to see, where we wanted to go and any particular highlights that we wanted to include.

We wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, go to a traditional Masai Village, go to Lake Natron, to see the pink flamingo's and above all else see as many lions, zebras and giraffes as possible. We also wanted to include a humanitarian aspect to our tour - to include a visit to an orphanage.

Keryn spent hours planning our trip to the finest detail, and everything we asked for was provided. We had a fantastic guide, Hassan and enjoyed meeting the many wonderful people on our travels. The African landscape is magnificent and the people welcoming.

Keryn was also very encouraging with regard to our photography - providing lessons and instructions for improved results. We enjoyed capturing hundreds of photos for our memories.

We were also invited to consider an academic sponsorship for a child at St Jude's in Tanzania - and we are now proudly sponsoring a young boy called Adamu. This was probably the highlight of our trip as it was unexpected but equally wonderful to do so.

We would not hesitate to recommend Keryn's tours to anyone considering a trip to Africa. You will always be safe, you will have all the small details taken care of, and above all you will have the most amazing trip you could ever imagine.

Thomas family - Sale


I was so excited at spotting a Leopard, this is why I came, to take in untouched Africa and get excited at animal discovery. I was too excited to finish my sentence, meaning that the Leopard was very close, and that I had spotted it without the aid of binoculars.

Keryn Gannon had organised the Safari and wow! What a trip. Keryn has a passion for Africa, she has been working in Africa and had done many Safaris herself. This made the difference, having the best driver, enabling us to have the best animal sightings and having the best accommodation to match.

Because of Keryn's local knowledge we were able to explore the streets around our accommodation at The School of St Jude in Arusha. We visited many amazing places in Arusha, experienced an ride in a Dala Dala (local bus trip/squeeze). We had genuine cultural experiences with a home visit to the house of a St Jude's student and shopping at the markets was so much fun.

We had a visit to a local Masai Boma. Negotiations were made at a local village to purchase a goat to donate to the Chief. I wanted a big one as my wife Heather was nominated as goat handler. The goat arrived on our journey out of the bush by motorbike. The Chief was very happy, it was like a Woolworths "two for one" as the goat was very pregnant and would provide needed milk nourishment for one of his wives who had just given birth.

All this before we got going on our 10 day Safari which took us into Kenya and ended with Serengeti in Tanzania. We entered at the very top of Serengeti and then travelled down to the centre of the park. A top, well thought out Safari adventure organised by Keryn, with us seeing huge numbers of animals.

This bloke, with a new camera way too advanced, but I was well guided with my photography, start thru to finish, ending up using full manual and capturing images that I am very proud of.

Allan W