• 10 The bomas are simply sticks covered in mud and manure

    Arrival of my visitors

    21/06/2017 5:46:13 pm

    My visitors arrived a week after the Graduation, and we managed to fit a lot of activities in before our safari. A quiet first night, with an introduction to "The Hole" the little local pub just outside the gates of St Judes. The Hole is a meeting place for...

  • 11 Love this cheeky little one

    A small group of us made the long trip out to the East Meru Community School. This school has been started by an ex St Jude's worker Mary, who married an English school teacher. Paul works away at one of the international schools to support his family and...

  • 5 Such attractive and lovely young girls

    St Judes 2017 Graduation

    29/05/2017 7:52:37 pm

    One of the main reasons for my trip to Africa this year has been to assist with the photography during the Year 2 (Form 6) Graduation. This was held very successfully on Saturday. A very early start, leaving St Judes at 6.30am to travel across to the secondary...

  • 10 B&W perfection, another Boma shot taken just inside the door.

    Boma visit

    27/05/2017 10:42:17 pm

    I was happily sent along with the St Judes visitors to visit the Boma of an ex-student. A long drive, almost 2 hours each way, such a great day. On the way to the Boma we visited a local market and purchased 2 goats (there were 60 visitors so a huge group)....

  • 5 Local mother sorting the beans for student lunches

    Arrival in Africa

    21/05/2017 5:29:21 pm

    It is such a long flight to Africa, but the destination makes it well worth it. I arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport very tired but excited to be back. My St Jude's driver was there to meet me along with one of the students doing the beyond St Jude's program,...