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I am a qualified professional photographer, my training was as a Commercial photographer. Whilst training, I received the highest marks in each year, and in my final year won best overall portfolio and best image.

I am a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) members of which must maintain a high standard.

Photography has given me many wonderful moments opportunities. One of the most amazing one of which has been to work in Africa.

I am now able to offer cultural and wildlife Safari's to Tanzania and Kenya. My tours have a strong emphasis on photographing the wonderful people and animals in this incredible country.

Each year a selection of my favourite images are available as fine art prints, as well as a general print selection.


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About my Safari's

My tours generally begin in Arusha, Tanzania. We spend some of the tour staying at incredible and inspiring "School of St Jude", where you will be given the opportunity to visit the home of an African family, explore local markets and spend the day at a genuine Masai village. Because I have volunteered here and visited many times, I have some wonderful connections.

Because of this, I am able to offer many unique experiences not offered by the large Safari Tours. Each year I try to offer a different Safari. Sometimes we will visit the the magnificent Serengeti and the UNESCO listed Ngorongoro Crater, but Tanzania offers a number of other parks which are well worth a visit. You may wish to end your trip on the Island of Zanzibar, with its crystal clear waters and abundant seafood. Zanzibar has a rich history, being the historic trade centre of the slave trade. It is also a lovely relaxing way to end your trip, generally this is optional.

Although my tours generally begin in Tanzania, I am also able to offer a number of Kenyan parks as Safari destinations. Amboseli is a real favourite of mine, and the only park in Africa where you can photograph the animals in front of Mt Kilimanjaro as well as "Big Tim", who is considered to be the biggest and best preserved elephant in the world, a genuine super Tusker.

Arusha is located within view of Mt Meru (Africa's 2nd highest mountain) and Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and a world famous climbing destination.

My Safari's small group tours, with an emphasis on culture and photography. Please contact me if you wish to join me on a tour.

The options are almost endless.

My safari's are small group bespoke safaris, I am able to offer genuine cultural experiences, not offered by the big companies. Because of the great relationship I have with my safari company, I am able to book directly in Africa so there is no added costs. You can be sure that your vehicle and driver are some of the best on offer.

We stay within the grounds of the amazing School of St Judes' in Arusha, Tanzania, this is the home base for all of my safaris. Arusha is the starting point for those wishing to climb Kilimanjaro and the gateway to the magnificent Serengeti National Park. Tanzania has a number of parks well worth a visit, each with its own unique appeal.

Serengeti offers the world largest animal migration on its wide open plains. It is worth well worth a visit at other times of the year. February offers the calf drop of the Zebra and Wildebeest.

Tarangerie has a huge number of elephant herds, and is a very pretty park. It is a great park to visit for a couple of nights before heading across to Serengeti.

Lake Natron is home to almost 2 million flamingos during the breeding season, and home of Ol Doinyo Lengai, the worlds only active volcano where you can trek down to the lava.

Not to mention Selous and Ruaha in the south of Tanzania. These more isolated parks have an abundance of wildlife, without the crowds of the Serengeti, and are well worth consideration.

Whilst in Arusha, you will have the opportunity to visit the home of a Tanzanian family, perhaps you would like to attend a colourful church service (vibrant and lots of fun), haggle for a goat to donate to a genuine Maasai village, check out the beading at the Maasai Craft Market or take a tour of the organic coffee farms. There is so much to see that I cannot list it all. For those who are community minded Plaster House and Neema Village Orphanage, are fabulous facilities and well worth the time to visit.

Plaster House is a free Medical Clinic which specialises in straightening the legs of children with Club Foot, correcting cleft palate and dealing with burns victims. Neema Village is a small private Orphanage which offers care and education to its young residents.

Check out the safari's on offer or contact me. I am happy to discuss where and when you might like to visit, and offer advice. Pricing on safari's vary greatly depending upon the time of year, number of days, level of luxury and group sizes. But, my aim is to keep costings down, and compared to other Safari's I have compares with, my Safaris very affordable.

You may wish a safari for only 2, be happy to share with others, perhaps you would like me to join you and enjoy photography tips for the entire trip. The choice is yours. You can camp with your own cook and driver, stay in permanent tented camps or Lodge it, Lodges are basic or luxury depending on your preference and budget.

Check out my upcoming Safari's.